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The National Association of Premises Liability Attorneys (NAPLA) is an invitation-only organization for attorneys seeking justice for those injured or killed on the premises of another person or business.

Mission Statement

The National Premises Liability Attorneys Association (NAPLA) was founded with three goals:

  1. to educate attorneys who have expressed a desire to better represent people who have been injured or killed on the premises of another person or business; 
  2. to build community and provide networking opportunities for these attorneys; and 
  3. to promote public safety by encouraging businesses and insurers to put safety first.

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Member Benefits

Membership in the NAPLA includes:

  • free webinars on premises liability topics;
  • free access to a national members-only listserv; 
  • discounted rates on NAPLA conferences; 
  • listings in NAPLA databases for the public; 
  • and more!

Find out more about Member Benefits within our Association.

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Featured Materials


The NPLAA maintains a library of professional resources on premises liability.


Safety is Paramount

Thousands of people are injured or killed each year because of defects on a premises, unsafe conditions, or dangerous choices made by companies.

Our organization exists to promote safety.

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Membership Discounts for Law Students

The NAPLA recognizes the value that law students can bring to our conversations about safety and best practices.

Contact us for information about discounts available to law students.

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Our Partners and Sponsors

The National Association of Premises Liability Attorneys (NAPLA) is a professional organization of attorney members.  The Association does not provide legal advice, and nothing on this site forms an attorney-client relationship.  Additionally, no attorney or law firm on this site is employed or contracted by NAPLA.  NAPLA does not endorse attorneys or law firms or make guarantees about any legal services provided by any NAPLA attorney or firm referenced herein.  

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